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Who are we?

"Warehouse Easy Expert" comes with new solutions within management, optimization and material flow control of warehouses. Our products's main strength is inovation, adjustment to client's requirements and ergonomics. Our company has a team of specialists with more than ten years of experience in software development and warehouse management, all of them anytime on your disposal. Along with software development, we offer support in identification of your requirements, the integration with other existing systems, the installation/ configuration and the training of the users.

Our products

WEE Software


The application is ergonimically designed, minimizing user - computer interaction, being accesible also to less computer using qualified staff. The relevant operations of an area...



The views of the application are available in multiple languages, making the work of the users easier. One can change the language within all windows, during work, without being necessary to authenticate again...



Feature of our application to keep up with the existing system (for example, an accounting system where are kept the notices or the orders, and which, by bidirectional communication, takes these orders and notices in WEE system and informs the other system about stocks)...


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